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IQ Massager Pro IV (See details to get this FREE)

$399.00 $39.99
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Product Description

Want to get this item FREE?  Click here to Order 10 pairs of pads, and you'll automatically get the IQ Massager IV complete kit, FREE! While supplies last!  Kit includes 2 more pairs of pads, charger, Massage unit with 6 modes and two outlets, and two cords.

Also available, new Pro V, with 12 massage modes!

Best mini massager

Newest model, Pro IV with new, easier to read, light up screen and the ability to have different intensity levels for each output.  The New and Innovative IQ Massager Professional IV: It is the newest version, which excels with all of its features, high performance and comfort!

The product’s portability makes it easy to use anywhere: indoors, outdoors and it will fit easily even in your pocket! It’s also a fantastic product and a unique gift for your family, friends or co-workers.

IQ Massager produces various kinds of massage sensations in a random fashion so that your muscles are always in for a surprise every time you use it.

IQ Massager is designed for your personal use and is not intended to replace any professional health care


Note: We are the ONLY online dealer authorized to sell at this price and still offer the 5 Year Manufacturer's Warranty. If you buy this product online anywhere else for less, the manufacturer will NOT honor the 5 year warranty.


* Digital control display


  • * 6 massage modes: Pushing, Acupuncture, Tapping, Scraping, Cupping and Random
  • * Adjustable timer for your convenience (10-60 minutes)
  • * 10 levels of intensity
  • * Extremely small dimensions (smaller than an Ipod!)
  • * Rechargeable Lithium battery
  • Includes two cords and 4 pads.
  • * Five year warranty
  • Extra Pads and sandals available.


Please note: The manufacturer's warranty is now 5 years. At the time this video was produced, they were offering a 2 year warranty. Since the pro model has proven to be so reliable, the warranty was extended to 5 years.



Maintenance and Care:


  • * Always remember to apply a few drops of water on the sticky surface of both pads before and after use.
  • * To maintain the cleanliness of the massage pads, always apply a few drops of water and cover them with protective films after use.
  • * Turn off the instrument when not in use.
  • * Depending on usage, each pair of massage pads usually last for more than 2 months.
  • * When the massage pads completely lose their adhesiveness, extra massage pads can be ordered.






  • * Avoid applying the massage pads near the heart, above the neck, on the head, in the mouth or pubic region, or over scars.
  • * Avoid touching the massage pads directly with fingers when power is on.
  • * Pregnant women should avoid using this massager.
  • * Patients who use a pacemaker or life support equipment, such as an artificial heart-lung devices and respirators should avoid using this massager.
  • * Keep out of reach of children.
  • * Do not open the chassis of the control unit.




* Consult with your doctor before using IQ Massager if your have:


  • Skin problems
  • Acute disease
  • Malignant tumor
  • Infectious disease
  • Cardiac dysfunction
  • High blood pressure
  • High fever




* IQ Massager is not intended for:


  • Nerve therapy
  • Treatment of muscle spasm
  • Muscle growth
  • Pain management
  • Weight reduction
  • Prevention of muscle atrophy


It is the newest version, which excels with all its features, high performance and comfort!


Product portability has come to its best. Now you can use it anywhere: indoors, outdoors and it will fit easily even in your pocket! It’s a fantastic product and a unique gift to your family, friends or co-workers.


Since its production, the IQ Massager has won great attention and high praise.





How does IQ Massager work?

IQ Massager sends various patterns of electronic impulses to your muscles through the massage pads. Your muscles respond to the impulses by contracting and relaxing rhythmically. The contracting and relaxing of your muscles produces soothing massage sensations that are similar to that given by a massage specialist.


What kind of technology does IQ Massager use?

IQ Massager uses innovation of Human Bio-electric Emulation technology. There are other electronic massagers out in the market that use similar technology,  but most of them only provide one "tapping" sensation. Your body will get accustomed to that one particular sensation and it will eventually stop responding to it. On the other hand,  IQ Massager produces various kinds of massage sensations in a random fashion so that your muscles are always in for a surprise every time you use it.


How to take care of the massage pads?

Before applying massage pads,  clean your skin first if you use skin cream or if your skin is dirty. If the pads become dirty,  you can wash them using clear water or rubbing alcohol.

Depending on frequency of use,  the pads can last from one month to several months. If you find the pads lose their adhesiveness and it is very difficult to make them adhesive again by applying drops of clear water,  or if the pads are worn out,  you need to change the pads. Extra massage pads can be ordered here.

To change the pads,  just unsnap the button on the back of the pads and clip on the new pads. Once you put a new set of pads on,  the device will work like new again.


The massage pads are not sticking,  what should I do?

Make sure that the protective plastic covering the massage pads have been removed. The massage pads are water activated. Before each use,  dip your fingers into some water and rub the water onto each pad. Apply the pads immediately to your skin when they are still wet.


Remove the old pads and replace with new pads about once a month to ensure maximum effectiveness. Also,  remember to place the pads back into the storage tray right after each use to prevent the pads from drying up and picking up dirt.


Why do I feel stinging sensations from the pads sometimes?

The pads must be moist and sticky to work. Pads that are not moist enough will produce a weak and stinging sensation. Before each use dip your finger into some clear water and rub the water onto the massage pads. Apply the pads immediately to you skin when they are still wet. Make sure that the pads are making full and firm contact with the skin.


Worn out pads may also cause a stinging sensation. Replace the pads as need. Even when you feel stinging sensations,  IQ Massager is safe. You just need to make sure that the pads are moist.


I can barely feel anything from the pads,  what is wrong?

Check the wire connection to the pads and make sure the plug is securely plugged. Make sure the batteries are in good condition. Check that the pads are moist and not worn out. Turn the switch off then turn on again. Please make sure both pads attach on same person's body in order to feel the sensation. Gradually increase the intensity level.


I have a pacemaker,  is the IQ Massager is safe for me to use?

Those with pace maker or any heart condition shoud not use the IQ Massager.


I am a pregnant woman. Is the IQ Massager safe for me to use?

Pregnant women should not use the IQ Massager.


Where can I apply the pads?

Generally,  you can apply pads to anywhere except heart and brain area . We recommend some common massage points in the manual accompanying IQ Massager for most effective relaxation on your body. The best way to relieve your pain is to find the pain points and apply the pads there.


How long can I use the IQ Massager?

You can use it as often as you like. You can use it from 20 to 60 minutes each time,  2 to 3 times per day for better and faster improvement. There are NO chemicals or drugs involved.


Do I need to ask my doctor first about using this device?

IQ Massager is designed for your personal use and is not intended to replace any health professional care. When in doubt,  we recommend that you consult with your doctor first.




  1. The long term effect of chronic electrical stimulation are unknown.
  2. IQ Massager should not be applied to the carotid sinus nerves,  particularly in patients with a known sensitivity to the carotid sinus reflex.
  3. IQ Massager should not be applied over the neck or mouth. Severe spasm of the laryngeal muscle may occur and the constructions may be strong enough to close the airway or cause difficulty in breathing.
  4. IQ Massager should not be applied onto the chest near the heart in that the introduction of electrical current into the heart may cause cardiac arrhythmias.
  5. IQ Massager should not be applied trans-cerebrally
  6. IQ Massager should not be applied over swollen,  infected or infla ed areas or skin eruptions,  e.g.,  phlebitis,  thrombophlebitis,  varicose veins,  ETC.
  7. IQ Massager should not be applied over,  or in proximity to cancerous lesions.
  8. IQ Massager should not be used on pregnant women.
  9. IQ massager should not be used on people with pacemaker or with any heart condition.


*Please note: Testimonials are not considered scientific evidence, nor do they guarantee similar results for other persons.  If you would like to share your experience with the IQ Massager, please email us.  Here are some comments from our customers:

I am impressed with the IQ massager, I get the same relief as i get at my chiropractor.
- Richard   Roseberg, OR


Warranty Information

5 year manufacturer warranty

Product Reviews

Write Review

  1. Excellent service and product

    Posted by Unknown on 1st Jan 2015

    Ordered the product late on Monday afternoon and it arrived halfway across the country on Wednesday afternoon. Packed great and the product works as advertised. Excellent product and service. and IQ Massager have both found a new fan here. Keep up the great work.

  2. Love it!!

    Posted by Unknown on 27th Dec 2014

    I love mine but can't give the other to my husband for another week. I'm sure he will love his too.

  3. Excellent Service

    Posted by Art on 13th Dec 2014

    I ordered the IQ Massager Pro IV. The products & accessories I ordered were shipped immediately and arrived promptly. The products all work as advertised. I'll definitely purchase other products form in the future. Excellent and problem-free service.

  4. IQ Massager

    Posted by Sylvia on 30th Jun 2014

    I have used it for only 4 days, but so far it has performed well. I do find that I have to turn it off and on to get it to start the jolts. Maybe I don't really understand the timer. A little more instructions would be nice.
    (Answer from intohealth: These units automatically shut off after 20 minutes, or whatever time you determine, to save the battery life. If you don't shut it off manually, you'll see a blank screen after the timer expires. To reset the unit, you just turn the manual switch off and then back on. It is working the way it should.)

  5. Relief

    Posted by Unknown on 29th Dec 2013

    We have an IQ Massager we use almost every day and ordered one for a friend, who has a shoulder injury. I would recommend this product to anyone for relief of muscle aches. While visiting, one of our friends used our massager on his back and liked it so much he went home and ordered one for himself. The cost of an IQ massager is about the same as one trip to the Chiropractor. It's definitely worth it.

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