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Pana C-315

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Product Description

What is Pana C-315®?

Pana C-315® is an all natural liquid nutritional supplement. The product contains more than 315 nutrients that are microcomplexed with organic carbon. This means that all the nutrients have been bound to organic carbon, the very substance that comprises most of the earth's matter. Therefore, Pana C-315® is very homogeneous to the human body. Its liquid form is extremely well tolerated and efficiently absorbed. It is efficacious and safe for all members of your family.

Pana C-315® is all natural, vegetarian, drug free, caffeine free and preservative free.

What type of multivitamin is best for my family?

Carbon-Bond Organic Supplements.Modern research supports the assertion that every individual needs a good daily multivitamin as a foundation of health and nutrition. What kind to take is a very important question. There are many types of multivitamins on the market, and there are equally varied messages about what is good. Here are a few considerations that are truly important:
  • Look for a good quality supplement without binders, synthetics and excipients. These are the agents that are used to manufacture many pills. These agents can be harmful to the body.
  • Avoid synthetic vitamins, often Vitamin A (retinol), Vitamin C (ascorbic acid), and Vitamin E (dl-alpha-tocopherol). These are less bio-available (takes more to gain effective dose) and may even be harmful.
  • Organic vitamins are higher quality than non-organic.
Liquids vs. Pills.There are two fundamental reasons to take liquid vitamin supplements instead of pills.
  1. Absorption is the primary reason people select liquids. Some researchers cite up to 5 times the absorption rate of liquids vs. pills. Even if the number were just 2 times, you can effectively halve the amount per serving of ingredients in a pill form vs. the liquid. This is because the body will excrete at least half of what is in a pill. This also effectively multiplies the cost per dose by 2.
  2. The second reason is more emotional; some people, especially children, just don't want to swallow a handful of pills. If you can find a pleasant tasting liquid, it's much easier to swallow.

What is the unique technology in Pana C-315®?

intraCELL™ V Technologyis the new proprietary ground-breaking "carbon-bond" technology.
  • First, it surrounds, then polymerizes an inorganic molecule (toxin) with living organic carbon, then instantly breaks it into very tiny restructured organically complexed molecules.
  • Second, intraCELL™ V Technology converts inorganic elements and molecules to be 100% organically microcomplexed™ for maximum intra-cellular and extra-cellular detoxification.
  • Then, intraCELL™ V Technology instantly infuses over 315+ life promoting, 100% carbon-bond organic microcomplexed™ nutrients into the cell.

Why do I need carbon-bond organic minerals?

"Every ailment, every sickness and every disease can be traced back to an organic mineral deficiency."*

Without organic trace minerals as a carrier, vitamins and other nutrients are not as effective. Cells cease to function, the immune system weakens, the nervous system deteriorates and the body begins to age more rapidly. True 100% organic minerals and nutrients are absolutely critical to maintain health, promote healing, and prevent illness and disease.

Do I get enough nutrients and minerals from my food?

No. "99% of Americans are deficient in organic minerals because inorganic toxic chemicals, pesticides and herbicides have destroyed nearly all the critical organic minerals, elements, and complexes in our soils. A marked deficiency in any one of the more important minerals may actually result in disease."


Pana C-315TM is a new liquid supplement that is a 100% Organic microcomplexed TM Multivitamin, Mineral, Superfood. Pana C-315TM is the most comprehensive Multivitamin, Mineral, Herbal Complex and Superfood ever developed. Pana C-315TM in comprised of eleven critical categories that support healthy cholesterol levels, regulate blood sugar, cleanse the body and more. These eleven categories are:
VITAMINS & NUTRIENTS With Proprietary 100% Organic microcomplexesTM
Vitamin A (natural beta-carotene, natural alpha-carotene & mixed carotenoids)[mixed carotenoids from: yams, carrot juice, tomato pwdr, spirulina, dunaliella salina, alpha-carotene, cryptoxanthin, zeaxanthin & lutein Vitamin B1 (natural thiamin pyrophosphate)** Vitamin B2 (riboflavin) (natural coenzyme form Vitamin B3 (niacinamide & inositol hexanicotinate Vitamin B5 (pantothenic acid & natural calcium pantothenate)** Vitamin B6(pyrodoxine- 5-phosphate)** Vitamin B12 (methylcobalamin)** Vitamin C (calcium ascorbate buffered complex)** Vitamin D (cholecalciferol)** Vitamin E (natural d alpha-tocopherol, d gamma tocotrienol, d-delta tocotrienol &d-alpha tocotrienol)** Vitamin K-1 (natural phylloquinone)** Biotin* * (dbiotin) Folic Acid (as natural folate)** Choline (choline bitartrate & phosphatidyl choline) (non soy) Inositol & IP-6 (inositol hexanicotinate & hexaphosphate) Lecithin (phosphatidyl choline from virgin red palm oil) (non soy) (non GMO) Alpha Ketoglutaric Acid (proprietary buffered blend) Arabinogalactan (AG) Extract (natural Polysaccharide) Bioflavonoid Citrus Complex: [w\Quercetin, Oligomeric Proanthocyanidins, Anthocyanosides, Hesperetin] CoQ10 (co-enzyme Q10) (ubiquinol) Gamma-Oryzanol (cycloartenol ferulic acid & trans-ferulic acid) Ginseng (eleuthero-Siberian, N. American-panax quinquefolium) Grape Seed & Skin Extract (88-92% proanthocyanidins) L-Glutathione (reduced) Lutein Extract 5-10% (0.20-0.25% zeaxanthin) from marigold flowers Lycopene Extract 5-10% (w/ cryptoxanthin) NADH (reduced ß nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide) Noni Extract 10:1 (morinda citrifolia) Omega 3, 6 & 9 Essential Fatty Acids (hexane Free, No fish) [Omega 3 (ALA) & Omega 9 (OA): flax seed oil (cold pressed), canola oil (cold pressed). Omega 6 (LA & GLA): evening primrose oil (cold pressed) & sunflower oil] PABA (para-aminobenzoic acid) R-isomer Alpha Lipoic Acid (R ALA) RNA (ribonucleic acid) (from spirulina & broken cell chlorella) SAMe (S-Adenosyl LMethionine from (S,S) tosylate disulfate)
MACRO MINERALS With Proprietary100% Organic microcomplexesTM
Calcium (citrate, ascorbate, d-pantothenate, & d-glucarate) ** Chromium (polynicotinate) ** Copper (citrate)** Iodine (sea kelp)** Iron (ferrous gluconate organically bound)** Magnesium (citrate, malate, & ketoglutarate)** Manganese (citrate)** Molybdenum (sodium molybdate)** Phosphorus (di-calcium phosphate)** Potassium (citrate & ascorbate) ** Selenium (selenomethionine)** Zinc (citrate & L-methionine)**
Yeast, Parasite Detoxifier & Autoimmune Recovery MatrixTM
Artemesia Annua Extract 4:1; Caprylic Acid (octanoic acid) (from medium-chain triglycerides - MCT) (vegetable derived); Nigella (black cumin)(seed); Oregano Extract (oil 80-85% carvacrol); Pau d'arco(inner bark); Wormwood (leaf).
Blood, Brain/Allergy/Neuro Cellular & Intestinal Detoxifier MatrixTM
Essiac combination for detox, Red Yeast Rice with Policosanol for healthy cholesterol levels, milk thistle for liver health & Many More. Apple Pectin (fiber); Barley Grass (gluten Free) (pwdr); Beet Fiber; Burdock Root Extract 1:1; Flax (seeds); Ginger Root (pwdr); Indian Rhubarb Root Extract 4:1 (root); Raspberry Extract (red) (15-20% ellagic acid); Red Yeast Rice (statins) w/ policosanol (plant sterol complex); Sheep Sorrel Extract 4:1 (leaves); Silymarin Extract 30:1 (milk thistle) (seed) yielding 75-80% Silymarin; Slippery Elm Extract 4:1 (bark); Turkish Rhubarb Extract 4:1 (root); Yellow Dock (pwdr).
Inflammation, Pain, Allergy & Weight Redux MatrixTM With the essential sugars: Fucose, Galactose, Glucose, Mannose & Xylose
Aloe Vera Juice Extract 100:1 (w/ Mannose & Xylose) (organically bound); Beta Glucan (1/3, 1/6); Buchu Extract 4:1 (root & leaf) (dried & wildcrafted); Calendula (leaf); Chlorella (broken cell pyrenoidosa w/ d-glucarate); Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA) (from safflower oil) [Cis-9, Trans-11 isomer & Trans-10, Cis-12 isomer]; Dunaliella Salina (chem. Free); Echinacea Purpurea (stem, leaf & flower) & Angustifolia (root); Feverfew Extract 1:1; Ginseng (eleuthero-Siberian, N. Americanpanax quinquefolium); Glucosamine (sulfate) [w/ Chondroitin (sulfate) and Hyaluronic Acid (HA) (extra-cellular mucopolysaccharide bacteria) (No animal derivatives)]; Kelp (N. Atlantic chem. Free) (sea vegetable w/ Fucose); Methylsulfonylmethane (MSM); Nova Scotia Dulse (chem. Free) (sea vegetable); Oat Grass (pwdr); Olive Extract (leaf) (standardized to 17%-23% oleuropein); Propolis - 60 brix grade (Brazilian premium bee extract - wax Free from polenectar); Pygeum Extract 4:1 (bark); Saw Palmetto Extract (berries) (standardized to contain 90-95% fatty acids & sterols); Silver (organically bound) (noncolloidal); Superoxide Dismutase (SOD) (gliadin complex-vegan) (non soy); TMG (trimethylglycine) (as betaine anhydrous).
Amino Acid MatrixTM - "Building Blocks" of Protein With the essential sugars: NAcetylgalactosamine, N Acetylglucosamine & N-Acetylneuraminic Acid
Restore & Repair of: Bone, Muscle, Cartilage, Tendons, Ligaments & Fascia
Antioxidant Rich Fruit Orchard MatrixTM With the essential sugars: Galactose, Glucose & Xylose
Essential Aminos: *L-Histidine; *L-Isoleucine; *L-Leucine; *L-Lysine; *LMethionine; *L Phenylalanine; *LThreonine; *L-Tryptophan; *L-Valine. Nonessential Aminos: L-Alanine; L Arginine; L-Asparagine; Aspartic Acid; L-Carnitine; L-Citrulline; L-Cysteine; L Cystine; Ellagic Acid; Gamma-Aminobutyric Acid (GABA); **Glucosamine (sulfate); Glutamic Acid; LGlutamine; L-Glutathione; L-Glycine; L-Ornithine; L-Proline; L-Pyroglutamic Acid; Rice Bran (soluble) (pwdr); L-Serine; LTaurine; L-Tyrosine; N-Acety-L-Cysteine (NAC); Creatine Monohydrate (dymatized & micronized). (* - Essential Amino Acids; ** - Amino Sugar).
Pure Plant Digestive Enzymes, Probiotic & Intestinal Dysbiosis MatrixTM
(nondairy 7.5 billion cultures human strain total count) Enzymes: Alpha & Beta Amylase; Alpha Galactosidase; Bromelain; Cellulase; Glucoamylase; Hemicellulase; Lactase; Lipase; Maltase; Marshmallow (root); Papain; Papaya (leaf); Rutin; Serrapeptase; Sucrase. Probiotics: Bifidobacterium Group: (B.breve, B.longum, B.lactis). Lactobacillus Group: (L.acidophilus; L.bulgaricus; L.casei; L.longum; L.plantarum; L.rhamnosus; L.salivarius; L.sporogenes, L.thermophilus); Fructooligosaccharides (FOS).
Herbal Brain/Neuro/Memory/Clarity, Mood, Stress, Energy & Vitality MatrixTM
Alfalfa Grass (gluten Free) (pwdr); Ashwagandha Extract 16:1 (root);Astragalus (root); Bilberry Extract (20-25% anthocyanidins); Cats Claw (root) (standardized to 0.8% - 1.3% POA's & 100% TOA Free); Cilantro Extract; Dong Quai (root) (w/ 0.2-0.25% ligustilide); Gingko Biloba (19- 24% gingko flavoglycosides); Green Tea Extract 4:1 (caffeine free); Huperzine A(from Chinese club moss huperzia serrata); Licorice (root); N-AcetylTyrosine; Oregano Extract (oil 80-85% carvacrol); ParsleyExtract (root); Royal Jelly (100% pure) (chloramphenicol-Free 10-HDA content of 5-10%); Schizandra Extract 4:1 (berry); Spirulina (micro blue - green) (Hawaiian); St. John's Wort (hypericin-0.3) (pwdr); UvaUrsi Dried Extract (leaf) 15-20% arbutin; Wheat Grass (gluten Free) (pwdr); Vinpocetine (from vinca minor, dwarf periwinkle plant); Wild Yam (rhizomes).
Antioxidant Rich Vegetable Garden, Optimum Seed, Sprout & Fiber MatrixTM
Vegetables: Asparagus; Beets; Broccoli; Brussels Sprouts; Cabbage; Cauliflower; Carrot; Garlic; Green Beans; Green Bell Peppers; Kale; Okra; Onion; Parsley; Parsnip; Peas (green); Spinach; Sweet Potato; Turnip; Tomato; Yam; Yellow Squash. Seeds, Sprouts & Fiber: Amaranth Seed Sprout; Millet Seed Sprout; Kidney Bean Seed Sprout; Flax Seed Sprout; Sunflower Seed Sprout; Pumpkin Seed Sprout; Sesame Seed Sprout.
Antioxidant Rich Fruit Orchard MatrixTM With the essential sugars: Galactose, Glucose & Xylose
Acai; Apple; Banana; Black Cherry; Blackberry; Blueberry; Cherry Extract (acerola); Cranberry; Elderberry; Goji (Wolfberry); Grape; Grapefruit; Kiwi; Lemon; Lime; Mangosteen; Noni; Orange; Papaya; Pear; Pineapple; Pomegranate; Prune; Raspberry; Rhubarb.
Full Spectrum 70 +, 100% Organic Trace Mineral MatrixTM
Antimony; Barium; Beryllium; Bismuth; Boron; Bromine; Calcium; Carbon; Cerium; Cesium; Chloride; Chromium; Cobalt; Copper; Dysprosium; Erbium; Europium; Fluoride; Gadolinium; Gallium; Germanium; Gold; Hafnium; Holmium; Hydrogen; Indium; Iodine; Iron; Lanthanum; Lithium; Lutetium; Magnesium; Manganese; Molybdenum; Neodymium; Nickel; Niobium; Nitrogen; Osmium; Oxygen; Palladium; Phosphorus; Platinum; Potassium; Praseodymium; Rhenium; Rhodium; Rubidium; Ruthenium; Samarium; Scandium; Selenium; Silicon; Silver; Sodium; Strontium; Sulfur; Tantalum; Tellurium; Terbium; Thallium; Thorium; Thulium; Tin; Titanium; Tungsten; Vanadium; Ytterbium; Yttrium; Zinc; Zirconium.

NO detectable amounts of Mercury, Lead, Cadmium or Arsenic are present (< 0.005 mg/l).

Clinical Study Results

A Clinical Evaluation of the Metabolic Response to a 100% Organic Microcomplexed Dietary Supplement
Dr. James A. McHale, Director, Research and Development, Atlantic Regional Osteoporosis Specialists, Chief, Medical Advisory Board, The Institute of Weight Management and Health
Peer Reviewed by: Dr. Andrew Collins, Board Certified, American Board of Medical Specialties (Specialist, Podiatric Medicine and Surgery)

Pana C-315TM Clinical Study and Test Results
Discussion: The purpose of this study was to evaluate the changes and differences among test subjects consuming a 100% organic microcomplexedTM liquid nutritional dietary supplement, and a control group.
The participants, ages 19 to 51, were placed into Group A (Control Group) or Group B. The Control Group consisted of 21 men and 19 women who consumed various brands and forms of daily multiple vitamins (generic and non-generic). Group B (23 men and 17 women) consumed one (1) ounce per day of Pana C-315TM. ???Both groups were engaged in exercising at a fitness center, a minimum of three (3) times per week utilizing cardiovascular training, weight resistance and stretching.
All participants were tested via whole body Bioimpedance, an FDA approved medical apparatus. ???Testing is extremely accurate, body fat is +/- 1.5 percent compared to hydrostatic testing. ???This technology is used by leading medical and research centers, medical schools, and the United States Armed Forces (U.S. Army, Navy, Marines, and Air Force). ???Data from this sensitive equipment reveals body fat percent, metabolic rate (calories per day expended at rest), body fat in pounds, lean muscle mass in pounds, hydration (total body water in liters), hydration percentage, and target weight in pounds (body fat plus water and lean muscle mass/lean weight).
The results demonstrated a very clear difference in muscle mass, body fat, and metabolism between the two groups:

Statistic Group A (Control Group) Group B (Pana C-315TM Group)
Group Makeup 21 Men, 19 Women 23 Men, 17 Women
Body Fat Percent Down 1.3% Down 2.2%
Metabolic Rate Up 42 Calories Up 56 Calories
Body Fat Down 1.7 Pounds Down 2.6 Pounds
Lean Muscle Mass Up 1.15 Pounds Up 1.9 Pounds
Hydration Essentially unchanged Essentially unchanged
Number of participants at or near their ideal body weight 9 7

Important findings:

  • 87% of the Pana C-315TMgroup (Group B) reported more energy compared to 22% of Group A.
  • The Pana C-315TMgroup (Group B) gained about three quarters (3/4) of a pound more muscle than Group A.
  • The women who took Pana C-315TM(Group B) lost more body fat than the women in Group A.
  • Both men and women taking Pana C-315TM lost an average of almost one pound more than those in Group A; they also decreased their body fat by 41% while their metabolic rate increased by 25%.

The results specifically prove Pana C-315TM100% organic microcomplexed liquid dietary supplement performed very well in improving metabolism, increasing energy and lean muscle mass, while enabling the body to decrease unnecessary body fat. Both groups reported the following on survey:

A Being included in the study encouraged both groups to focus more on their exercise technique, schedule, and overall health during the 30-day period.
B 87% of the Pana C-315TM group (Group B) reported more energy, strength and stamina.
C 22% of Group A reported more energy.
D 80% of the Pana C-315TM group (Group B) liked the 100% peach/mango flavor of Pana C-315TM (32 of 40).
E 84% of the Pana C-315TM group (Group B) would use Pana C-315TM again (26 of 31).
F 86% of Group A (Control Group, 24 of 28) reported that they would continue to use Pana C-315TM based on the study results.

Pana C-315TM performs as a unique and proprietary, ultra hypoallergenic, 100% vegan formulation which utilizes 108,375 mg/l of living carbon in each 32 oz. bottle (see conclusive Carbon and Proton Nuclear Magnetic Resonance tests) and 427 mg/l of dissolved and stabilized oxygen (see conclusive Ion Chromatography, Cold Vapor Atomic Absorption, Graphite Furnace Atomic Absorption and Inductively Coupled Plasma ??? Optical Emission Spectrometry tests).
Pana C-315TM instantaneously provides over 72+ - 100% organic microcomplexed trace minerals along with over 65 organic microcomplexed electrolytes for significantly increased energy, strength, stamina, and vitality. ???It is naturally rich in fulvic acid and contains the following 100% organic microcomplexed ingredients: 26 Vitamins, 11 Macro-Minerals, 76 antioxidants, 30 Amino Acids, 12 Pure Plant Digestive Enzymes, 8 Probiotics (non-dairy) , 30 Herbs, 14 Vegetables, 15 Fruits, 11 Super Green Foods, Aloe Vera (organically-bound), 18 Natural fibers, 29 Bioflavonoids, 7 Protein Mineral Nutrients, Essential Fatty Acids (Omega 3, 6, & 9), Silver (organically-bound), and an exclusive host of proprietary trademarked ingredients as well as intraCELL VTM Technology researched and developed by Dr. Richard Drucker.
intraCELL VTM Technology is a unique and proprietary "carbon-bond" technology scientifically designed to maximize intra-cellular and extra-cellular (interstitial fluid and fatty tissue) detoxification as well as rapidly infuse over 265, 100% organic microcomplexed nutrients into the cell.
intraCELLTM IV Technology appears to significantly and efficiently improve intra-cellular absorption and utilization of the 265 organic microcomplexedTM nutrients.
Pana C-315TM is an exceptional ultra hypoallergenic (for environmentally/chemically sensitive persons), great tasting liquid formulation for anyone desiring to increase energy, strength, stamina and vitality. ???One (1) ounce per day appears successful in: maintaining healthy nerve function(s), assisting the body in preventing allergies, colds and the flu, building and repairing blood, bones, muscles, tissues, joints, ligaments and tendons, as well as reducing "free radical" (oxidation) damage to the body's cells, slowing the aging process. For peace of mind Pana C-315TM has a prestigious Certificate of Analysis insuring that all its ingredients work together with each other at optimal levels to bring the person seeking health and wellness perhaps the most scientifically advanced product available.
Author's Conclusion:
It is the author's contention that Pana C-315TM 100% organic microcomplexedTMliquid dietary hypoallergenic supplement:

A Was an integral part of the improvement in the metabolism and lean muscle mass production in human beings during the 30-day trial
B Performed well in this study
C Increases lean muscle mass, and decreases body fat as revealed in this carefully controlled clinical evaluation of 80 test subjects during a 30-Day trial period
D rovides adequate amino acids, the "building-blocks" of protein (muscle is composed primarily of protein). ???By providing adequate amino acid levels, muscle production may have been improved, subsequently increasing "basal metabolic rate" (the burning of calories).
E Increases energy production crucial to countless people suffering from a multitude of disorders. ???For example, those suffering with a challenged immune system from Epstein-Barr Virus and/or chronic fatigue syndrome, rheumatoid arthritis, multiple sclerosis, as well as chronic stress (physical and emotional) consistently need more energy. ???An added benefit of increased energy levels involves the increased burning of calories (via "basal metabolic rate"). ???Sugar (glucose - C6H12O6) is used by the body for fuel. When glucose levels rise, insulin rises in response. ???Long term increases in blood sugar may lead to insulin resistance-and eventually diabetes. ???Diabetics are at much greater risk of developing blindness, cardiovascular disease, kidney disease, nerve damage, and chronic infections.
F s an effective adjunct to those individuals who want to maintain a healthy cardiovascular system. ???Those suffering with cardiovascular challenges regularly list lack of energy as one of their biggest concerns.



Product Reviews

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  1. The Best Thing I Ever Did For My Health 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 4th Feb 2017

    My neighbor gave me a shot glass full of PanaC-315 and I actually felt it working. I have been taking it for years, and the benefits I've received are too numerous to name. PanaC-315 works from the inside out - and it helps every part of my body. My skin is so much better, it feels younger. I can even see better. PanaC-315 is the only supplement that I can feel working. I stopped getting colds and flu, haven't been sick since I started taking it. I notice that I am much more alert later in the evening, but when I go to bed I sleep more soundly, and wake up more refreshed. PanaC-315 is the best and easiest way to better health, and I highly recommend this to anyone who wants to improve theirs.

  2. Pana C-315 absolutely changed my health for the better. 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 10th Aug 2016

    I've been taking Pana C315 for years, wouldn't think of stopping. I am in way better shape than I was, and am very fortunate that I found it. It is the only vitamin I can feel after I take it. I have so much more energy than before, and it's energy from NUTRITION - not stimulants. I hate getting the shakes from stimulants, and it doesn't do anything good for my body. Pana C-315 is completely different, it works from the inside out. I noticed my skin felt really nice after I was first taking it, and lots of other stuff happened too. My eyesight got better, and my bloodtests were really good. My health has improved drastically since I started taking Pana C-315.

  3. Hands Down the Best Thing I could Take for My Health 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 5th Jun 2016

    Pana C 315 has improved my health dramatically, period. I've been taking it almost 10 years and in that time I've gotten huge benefits from taking it. Best bang for the buck out there.

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